FP7 UNPLUGGED project - inductive charging for electric vehicles

Even though many aspects of EVs seem making them very appealing (e.g. very low energy cost and zero tail pipe emissions) there are several concerns that people have on this technology, especially about the charging process.

The UNPLUGGED final event took place the 26th of March in Zaragoza, Spain. Check all the media content here.

UNPLUGGED project aims to investigate how the smart inductive charging infrastructure will facilitate full EV integration in the urban road systems while improving customer acceptance and perceived practicality

UNPLUGGED Second Newsletter

Here you have the Second Newsletter of the UNPLUGGED project. It contains useful information about our last activities and news.


Here you have the poster of the UNPLUGGED project. Click here to check out  

UNPLUGGED at the European Green Vehicles Initiative

We have been included in the EGVI website, as project of the month for February 2014 The European Green Vehicles Initiative is a contractual public-private partnership dedicated to delivering green vehicles and mobility system solutions which match the major societal, environmental and economic challenges ahead. You can access our profile here

UNPLUGGED general leaflet

Here you have the UNPLUGGED general leaflet. It contains a summary of the project objectives and outcomes UNPLUGGED General Leaflet

UNPLUGGED at the Smart City Expo World Congress

During the Smart City Expo World Congress, Barcelona, the objectives and activities of UNPLUGGED will be presented by Stefano Persi, Director at ENIDE, partner of UNPLUGGED. ENERGY ELEVATOR PITCH SESSION EP2 November 20th, 11:30 Room 3 For additional information, please, check the detailed agenda

UNPLUGGED at the CIRCE EVS27 stand

During the International Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition (EVS27), CIRCE, UNPLUGGED partner, will offer information about UNPLUGGED project objectives and activities in their booth. More information on Twitter and Prezi

UNPLUGGED project at the EVS27 (UPDATE!)

The International Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition (EVS27) on Electric, hybrid, hybrid plug-in, fuel cell vehicles is the largest world global network in which the sustainable mobility industry is shaped UNPLUGGED project will be present at the EVS27 congress during a specific session focused on the inductive charging technologies applied to EV, dealing in particular

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UNPLUGGED First Newsletter

Here you have the First Newsletter of the UNPLUGGED project. It contains useful information about our activities and news.

Flander’s Drive organizes seminar on inductive charging project

On Tuesday 25 June 2013, Flanders’ DRIVE organizes a seminar on the Challenges in Vehicle Electrification, mainly focusing on wireless charging solutions for EVs and, more particularly, on the results of the research project ‘Inductive Charging’. From the UNPLUGGED project we are definitely following from close their activities on dynamic charging. Also, two of the

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