FP7 UNPLUGGED project - inductive charging for electric vehicles

UNPLUGGED final event materials


The 26th of March 2015 took place the  UNPLUGGED final event in Zaragoza Spain (check agenda here). In the following links you can find the media content  of the event:

  • At the FP7 UNPLUGGED project youtube channel you could watch the resume video of the project showcased during the welcoming of the final event.

UNPLUGGED project overview video

  • At this channel you could also watch the videos of the discussions of the parallel sessions.  More than 4 hours with the recording of the 14 focused sessions including external related projects (ecoFEV, FABRIC, Fast In Charge, ZeEUS, Victoria) and  the vision of the cities (Barcelona, London, POLIS).

UNPLUGGED final event discussions videos

  • You could also find  the presentation slides used by the speakers on the following dropbox link:

Slides of the presentations

  • A selection of photos taken during the final event is available on the following dropbox link:

Final event photos

  • Finally remember that you could also find the media kit  of the institutional final event of UNPLUGGED that took place the 25th of March of 2015 on the following link:

Institutional  final event  25/03/ 2015 media kit