FP7 UNPLUGGED project - inductive charging for electric vehicles

ENIDE presented UNPLUGGED at the 3RD European Electric Vehicle Congress & EU Project Day on eMobility

The UNPLUGGED project has participated at the 3rd EEVC held in Brussels from the  2nd to the 5th of  December, 2014.  The Congress was specifically intended to develop synergies among the eMobility stakeholders, featuring 140 presentations made by experts of the sector.

UNNPLUGGED took part in the congress and members from ENIDE had the opportunity to address questions of the audience in the UNPLUGGED booth and to present a poster about the case studies of London and Barcelona concerning the deployment of inductive charging spots. In parallel, UNPLUGGED was also presented at a Round Table, with a special emphasis laid upon the experience of Barcelona.


 Stefano Persi from ENIDE presenting UNPLUGGED

On the day before the Congress, an EU Project day was organized in order to offer a detailed outlook of the different programs dealing with eMobility supported by the European Authorities.  Stefano Persi from ENIDE introduced UNPLUGGED. The presentation, focused on the benefits of using inductive charging in Electric Vehicles, included an overview of the project and the test sites in Aachen and Zaragoza.