FP7 UNPLUGGED project - inductive charging for electric vehicles

Upcoming General Assembly: Firenze

We are approaching our next general meeting of the UNPLUGGED project. This will be an excellent opportunity for the open discussion among the consortium members about activities and findings of the project, gathering the different points of view and setting the steps for the next months.

David, Florence

David, Florence

Thanks to the hospitality of University of Firenze, we will have the opportunity of enjoying the magnificence of the city of Florence, Italy, birthplace of the Renaissance, key stone of the modern European culture and society. The different activities will take place from 6 to 8 of March.

In addition, we will meet with the project Advisory Board for the first time. Their feedback about our objectives and findings will be very valuable in order to align us with the trends on electric vehicles and inductive recharging among the main stakeholders in the sector.

So let us be inspired by both the historical heritage and by the innovative spirit of the city in order to have a fruitful and collaborative meeting in Florence