FP7 UNPLUGGED project - inductive charging for electric vehicles

Even though many aspects of EVs seem making them very appealing (e.g. very low energy cost and zero tail pipe emissions) there are several concerns that people have on this technology, especially about the charging process.

The UNPLUGGED final event took place the 26th of March in Zaragoza, Spain. Check all the media content here.

UNPLUGGED project aims to investigate how the smart inductive charging infrastructure will facilitate full EV integration in the urban road systems while improving customer acceptance and perceived practicality


In this section you will find the list of publications of the UNPLUGGED project

UNPLUGGED Fourth Newsletter

Here you have the Fourth Newsletter of the UNPLUGGED project. It contains a summary of the final event of UNPLUGGED and some other last news.

ENIDE presented UNPLUGGED at the 3RD European Electric Vehicle Congress & EU Project Day on eMobility

The UNPLUGGED project has participated at the 3rd EEVC held in Brussels from the  2nd to the 5th of  December, 2014.  The Congress was specifically intended to develop synergies among the eMobility stakeholders, featuring 140 presentations made by experts of the sector. UNNPLUGGED took part in the congress and members from ENIDE had the opportunity to address questions of the audience in the UNPLUGGED booth

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UNPLUGGED Third Newsletter

Here you have the Third Newsletter of the UNPLUGGED project. It contains useful information about our last activities and news.

UNPLUGGED will be presented in Electric Road 2014

The annual European meeting of professionals of the Electric Road, will take part on Octuber 2 of 2014. To meet multiple signals economic, energy, environmental and public health, electric power – whether hybrid or not – irremediably become the most sustainable in the short or medium term solution, for all vehicles present in our streets

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2nd General Assembly

Last March, we had our UNPLUGGED 2nd General Assembly in Aachen, Germany. It has been a great and excellent opportunity to present news and results of the project, having an open discussion among the consortium members on the activities and future steps. In addition, we had the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful city, located on

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